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Portscan is a program that scans for open ports on a computer. I compiled it with gcc 2.95.2 while running the 2.4.3 linux kernel. Please do not email me trying to say that portscanning is illegal. IT IS PERFECTLY LEGAL TO DO A PORTSCAN ON SOMEONE ELSES COMPUTER. ok, now that I've cleared that up, I have something else to say here. This program was not designed to find open ports to "hack" into a computer. If you are afraid that someone is scanning your computer, then get a firewall.

Here an example of portscan:

$portscan 5 30
open: 7
open: 21
open: 23
open: 25

In later versions, I will add a way to have some kind of description of what's on that port. For example:

$portscan 20 25
open: 21	ftp
open: 23	telnet


portscan.c version 1

Version 1 released today. See example above if you need help


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