ChangeLog for SQG

0.9 - (03-03-03)        -added gototable() function.  This function rewinds the CREATE TABLE query file
                         then reads up to the tablename which is passed as an argument.  This prevents
                         a lot of replicated code.
                        -added where_clause() function.  This function handles the WHERE clauses for
                         update_query.c and delete_query.c
                        -new -w, --verbose-where option added.  With this option, you can choose the
                         operator in the WHERE clause and have more than one clause separated with
                         either AND or OR
                        -improved parsing of the CREATE TABLE query file
                        -updated documentation                          

0.8 - (01-14-03)        - single quotes and backslashes typed by the user are now preceded by a backslash
                          in the output so it will be inserted into the database without error.
                          (ie: you type in "don't format c:\" the output will be"don\'t format c:\\")
                        - long options supported now (see README for info)
                        - new option added to program "--print-stdout".  This prints the output to the screen.
                        - fixed 3 bugs that affected program operation (see main.c, insert_query.c, and
                          update_query.c in Module_CHANGELOG for more info)
                         -updated documentation in docs/en/ folder

0.7 - (11-22-02)        support for creating queries for multiple tables added.

0.6 - (08-13-02)        now checks for SQL reserved words.  A couple of bug fixes(see Module_CHANGELOG)

0.5 - (04-09-02)        the -a option was added.  It allows you to append the output file rather than
                        overwrite it. insert_query() and update_query() do error checking for columns
                        that are NOT NULL.   Documentation in docs/en/ updated.

0.4 - (03-01-02)        now makes DELETE queries
                        bugfixes throughout the program
                        new usage is "$sqg [option] [input file] [output file]"

0.3 - (02-02-02)        finished the first version of the update_query() function.  Updated insert_query()

0.2 - (12-03-01)        fixed bug in insert_query() that did not allow single quotes around numerical datatypes

0.1 - (10-28-01)        First version.  This only makes INSERT INTO queries

date in this changelog are in the format of DD-MM-YY
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