This is the SQL Query Generator handbook, if you read this, then you will have a better understanding of how to use the program.
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1. Introduction

The SQL Query Generator is a command line program that will help you with making INSERT INTO , UPDATE, and DELETE queries. The entire source is (to the best of my knowlege) ANSI C compliant, so it should compile on any system.  When using this program, you will need a CREATE TABLE query stored as plain text in a file.  The reason you need this file is because SQL Query Generator reads this file to get the column names for creating queries

1.1 Changes

0.9 - better at parsing the CREATE TABLE query file. new option --verbose-where. fixed bugs. see ChageLog for more
0.8 - new function addslash(). new option --print-stdout. fixed bugs. see ChangeLog for more
0.7 - support for creating queries for multiple tables added.
0.6 - new function chkres() checks for SQL reserved words in CREATE TABLE query file
0.5 - new option to append files, error checking for NOT NULL columns
0.4 - now makes delete queries, bugfixes 0.3 - finished the first version of the update_query() function. Updated insert_query()
0.2 - Fixed some problems with insert_query()
0.1 - First version. It could only make INSERT INTO queries.

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