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SQL Query Generator

ATTENTION: This is a mirror site and may not always be up to date. To be sure you are downloading the most current version of SQL Query Generator please go to the main site

SQL Query Generator on and

The SQL Query Generator is a command line program that will help you with making INSERT INTO , UPDATE, and DELETE queries. The entire source is (to the best of my knowlege) ANSI C compliant, so it should compile on any system.  When using this program, you will need a CREATE TABLE query stored as plain text in a file(example).  The reason you need this file is because SQL Query Generator reads this file to get the column names for creating queries.

Latest News
 Wow! almost a year since the last update.  Well this project isn't dead, just slow going.  The development source has been updated again.  This time the changes are again with the way default values are handled.  They are done in a more efficient way that will allow your dbms to put the default value in instead of being part of the query itself.  A few verbose options still have yet to be implemented but those are next on the todo list.
05-11-03 -  SQG Gui has been released!  SQG Gui is a Windows front end for SQG and will make using the program much easier.  Also some changes/improvements have been made on the site.  There is a new download page to make this page less cluttered.  The older versions page is not gone, but you can get to it by following the link at the bottom of the Download page.  Now for an update on SQG 1.0.  One of the new features will be support for DATE and DATETIME datatypes.  Of course there are some bug fixes too.

05-03-03 - Work on SQG 1.0 is in progress.  There are many improvements being made and new features being added.  You can email me if you would like to help out by being a beta tester.  SQG version 1.0 will probably be ready for the public late this year.  A Windows frontend for SQG is almost complete and should be available for download later this month.

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