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This page was first created on January 4th, 2001 at about 12:10 AM(CST).
and updated on March 25th, 2001


The Text Search Utility is a program that(when complete) will be able to open and search all text files on your hard drive, all text files in only one directory, or just one text file.

Winzip If you don't have an unzip program, then get this one.

Source code Alpha 0.0.1 through Alpha 0.0.7   11.7kb
beta01.c Beta 01   6.17kb
beta02.c Beta 02   6.48kb
beta03.c Beta 03   9.78kb
beta31.c Beta 3.1    9.65kb
DOS executables      Alpha 0.0.7   12.2kb Beta 01   13.5kb Beta 02   15.6kb Beta 03   17.6kb Beta 3.1    17.8kb


Text Search Utility for Linux

Mar 25, 2001

There is a bug in Beta 3 and it has been fixed in Beta 3.1.

Mar 24, 2001

Beta 3 has been released and has a couple of new features. Check out the readme.txt file for more info.

Mar 8, 2001

Beta 2 is out with a couple of new features. It now pauses when it finds more than 24 results, so now you can see all of the results. Also, after the search is complete, it tells you how many files your search was found it.

Jan 24, 2001

Beta 01 is out and as I promised, it does case insensitive searching. Stay tuned for new features in the next release...

Jan 23, 2001

Added a new page: Text Search Utility for Linux
Since I am working on my site I'll tell you what I'm going to add in beta 1, case insensitive searching!!!
Hopefully it will be released in the not too distant future.

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