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SQL Query Generator

SQL Query Generator on and

The SQL Query Generator is a command line program that will help you with making INSERT INTO , UPDATE, and DELETE queries. The entire source is (to the best of my knowlege) ANSI C compliant, so it should compile on any system.  When using this program, you will need a CREATE TABLE query stored as plain text in a file(example).  The reason you need this file is because SQL Query Generator reads this file to get the column names for creating queries.

02-23-03 - I am currently working on SQG version 0.9 and have a good portion of it complete.  here are some of the changes/new features:

- ability to update more than one column in an update query
- choose the WHERE operator you want to use,  instead of having to use "="
- bug fixes to prevent seg faults and program crashes

01-15-03 - SQG version 0.8 released today!  Many bug fixes and improvements were made.  The online documentation has been updated too.

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Linux Downloads

sqg-0.8.tar.gz (495k)

DOS, Win9x/XP Downloads
(works with DOS 6.22, Win98, & WinXP)
sqg-08.exe (self extracting zip 140k) (77k)


Older Versions

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