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Old News for your reading enjoyment

03-03-03 - SQG version 0.9 released today! There is a new option to make verbose "where" clauses.  This means that you can have many "where" clauses connected with "AND" or "OR", and you can also choose which "where" operator you want to use. Take a look at the ChangeLog for all the details.  But that's not all that's new, if you look at the left side of the page, you'll see the somewhat improved navigation for the SQG section of this site.

02-23-03 - I am currently working on SQG version 0.9 and have a good portion of it complete.  here are some of the changes/new features:

- ability to update more than one column in an update query
- choose the WHERE operator you want to use,  instead of having to use "="
- bug fixes to prevent seg faults and program crashes

01-15-03 - SQG version 0.8 released today!  Many bug fixes and improvements were made.  The online documentation has been updated too.

01-10-03 - Work on SQG 0.8 is now in progress.  One of the new features is the addslash function.  It will add backslashes in in front of single quotes(') and backslashes(\) that the user types in.  Another feature planned for SQG 0.8 is the option to have the output written to stdout instead of a file.

01-06-03 - DOS executable of SQG 0.7 now available for download.

01-02-03 - See my music database that I made with SQG 0.7

11-22-02 - SQG 0.7 is finished and ready for downloading!  You can now make queries for multiple tables defined in your CREATE TABLE query file(see example here).  SQG 0.6 and below only recognized the first table in the file.  And as usual, some bug fixes were made too.

jackolantern image 10-31-02 - Still working on SQG 0.7.  Implementation of support for multiple CREATE TABLE queries within the same file is almost complete.  

09-25-02 - I started work on SQG 0.7 today.  One of the new features will be added support for multiple CREATE TABLE queries contained within the same text file.

08-18-02 - Documentation is now available online.

08-13-02 - SQG version 0.6 is here!

08-12-02 - New version 0.6 to be released soon. The CREATE TABLE query file is now checked for reserved SQL words.  And now just a random fact that may or may not mean anything to you: SQG has been in development for just over a year now.

04-08-02 - Version 0.5 released today.  As promised, the ability to append files has been added

03-11-02 -  Version 0.5 is in progress right now and has a new feature that will let you append the output file.  Some bug fixes are also being worked on.  If you have any questions or comments, you can email me.

03-01-02 - Work on 0.4 is complete, once again, take a look at the ChangeLog for details on what's new.  One of the next big features I plan to add is the ability to append the files you create.

02-02-02 - 0.3 is completed. Check out the ChangeLog for details.  This would have been completed sooner, but I live in Missouri and the power was out for a day(that is also why this site was down) due to the ice storm.  Now that the power is back on, and it is not safe to go outside (melting ice falling 50 ft from trees), I have nothing to do except stay inside and code...

12-03-01 - Version 0.2 released.  Still only makes INSERT INTO queries, but it has improvements:  The program tells you what datatype the column is and it doesn't put single quotes around numerical datatypes like 0.1 did.  Also, the name has been shortend to sqg because it is much faster to type that sqlquerygenerator.

10-26-01 - The first version of SQL Query Generator was released today.  This  version only makes INSERT INTO queries.